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Reebok x Pleasures "Classic Leather Legacy"


I like you most


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Air Jordan 1 Case 3

As someone who wears sneakers every day and everywhere, I keep getting the question: “How do you wear it with your night out?”…

Sneaker History 101- Episode 2

The second part of Sneaker's history is here. Click here to read the first section. 

5 What Happened in November?

Remember, remember the 5th of November! * Let's remember, but what exactly do we remember? It gets a little complicated here actually. Each…

Sneaker History 101 - Section 1

We keep saying that sneaker has a history and a culture. So what is this? For you, especially the enthusiasts, consists of two parts ...

A Flea Market in London

One of the most striking features of the residents of this city is that every Friday "What are you going to do this weekend?" and every…

Stop PRE!

On May 30, 1975, he lost one of the world's most important athletes. He is not just an ordinary athlete "running to be remembered" ...

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Reebok x Pleasures "Classic Leather Legacy"

Classic Leather, which entered our lives in 1983 as a running shoe, blends inspiration from its collective past and today's modern design….

Alien Hippie Invasion

If someone told you the Alien Hippies invaded the world right now, I think no one would be surprised. This invasion, even if it sounds scary ...


Now, "What is Nike's model that comes to mind first?" If I say, what would you answer me? I'm sure I will hear "Air Max" from many of you. I…

I like you most

Hellöö friends, I sat down in the first days of 2020 and bought the sneakers I liked the most in 2019.